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About Don Sutherland Auscape Exterior Transformations

About Don Sutherland

A 15 year professional in the building Industry, Don actually began his career growing up on site alongside his carpenter dad.

One of the features that makes Don so adept at working and managing all trades on site is his breadth of training and experience, which includes completing a trade as a Marine Technician and then moving on to solid wet wall plastering. Don has loads of hands on trade experience in carpentry, concreting, painting and external finishes.

It’s not enough to be skilled at what you do. To pull it of to its highest potential one must have an emotional buy in. For Don, he is passionate about the creativity involved. Creating modern design, beautiful shapes, Don’s clients are regularly amazed to see what his team can achieve.

“There is a challenging and exciting evolution throughout the project as we take a property that may at first appeared to be an ordinary and unfixable house, and transform it into a beautiful home of great value.”
- Don Sutherland


    A flow of communication that can only be achieved through years of practised attention and proven delivery. As a result, our teams move on and off site with choreographed precision.


    Closing in on two decades of experience brings with it the beauty of hindsight.


    Because of our love for the process of transformation, your dream is our goal post and we don’t take our eyes off it, even for a second.