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Home Rendering & Recladding Auscape Exterior Transformations
Auscape Exterior Transformations Home Rendering & Recladding


Touching up to sell, smartening up to live in, essential repairs? Your home can have a fresh, contemporary appearance with rendering or recladding, providing you with the important technical values of insulation and building specifications that go along with it.

Using proven, industry leading systems from renowned companies ensures that your home exterior is watertight, long lasting and strong.

“It’s been inspiring to watch the industry transform into a modern, cutting edge landscape where durability and environmental considerations combine to create the most effective products for home exterior protection and aesthetics.”
Don Sutherland - Auscape Exterior Transformations

Working very closely with our suppliers, we focus on quality materials that deliver on our promises and include whole system extended 15-year warranties and offer:

● Cement & Modified Renders
● Texture Coatings
● Plaster Setting & White Set
● Hebel & Foam Systema
● Ferrocement Designs
● Compressed fibre cement cladding systems (James Hardie)
● Colourbond sheeting
● Brick and tile facades
● Insulation
● Painting


We value the time and opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss your project. This provides us an important window of time to discuss the scope of the venture and begin to understand what you want to achieve. Our process includes the following:

  • Contact us to book a time to meet with you on site.
  • On site we will discuss the breadth of the project and which of our services are required.
  • We will then provide you with a detailed quote.


    A flow of communication that can only be achieved through years of practised attention and proven delivery. As a result, our teams move on and off site with choreographed precision.


    Closing in on two decades of experience brings with it the beauty of hindsight.


    Because of our love for the process of transformation, your dream is our goal post and we don’t take our eyes off it, even for a second.