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FAQ Auscape Exterior Transformations

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before you can start work on my project?

    We are able to book an on site visit for you to discuss the details of your project as soon as you contact us and can then begin the process of design and quote preparation. Once the quote is accepted and contracts signed, we will schedule your work to commence.

  • What is your per square metre rate?

    A square metre rate is utilised as a general guide to costs. When this formula is applied to construction work, you the client are left exposed to unexpected price hikes as the works progress. Our careful approach to home rendering, recladding and transformation requires that we will provide you with a quote detailed to your specifications and not on the basic per square metre method. This reduces the likelihood that further price hikes will be encountered, giving you peace of mind.

  • How quickly can you get my job finished?

    One of the great benefits of having an in-house team that can handle every facet of your external space is the efficiency it brings. Internal organisation and communication for roll out make for smooth transitions from one phase of the project to the next, allowing us to keep a tighter handle on deadlines than most. Keep in mind though that our commitment to the best most transformative end result is our focus and so don’t rush our craft.


    A flow of communication that can only be achieved through years of practised attention and proven delivery. As a result, our teams move on and off site with choreographed precision.


    Closing in on two decades of experience brings with it the beauty of hindsight.


    Because of our love for the process of transformation, your dream is our goal post and we don’t take our eyes off it, even for a second.