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Complete Exterior Building Service Auscape Exterior Transformations
Auscape Exterior Transformations Complete Exterior Building Service


Auscape Exterior Transformations forms an umbrella for a large group of high quality, qualified builders and tradesmen who have all worked closely for many years reconfiguring home exteriors to create new lifestyles.

Our Gold Plated offering is designed to be your complete end-to-end exterior building service, without limitation. Whatever you can envisage, we can design and build it into your dream outdoor living space. We are here to overcome the challenges of your design and build. Our skill lies in knowing exactly how to create the atmosphere you are after and can make the most out of any sized area.

One of our prized specialities is connecting the indoors with the outdoors, which is an essential consideration when upgrading your property. By building a platform between your ideas and our wealth of building experience, we will create a whole new look, feel and atmosphere throughout your entire home.

The Auscape Exterior Transformations complete exterior renovation service includes:

• Design
• Plans
• Council Approvals
• Extensions
• Patios
• Sunrooms
• Pools
• Spas
• Cabins
• Granny Flats

And much, much more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Don today to discuss your ideas and begin building the dream.


We value the time and opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss your project. This provides us an important window of time to discuss the scope of the venture and begin to understand what you want to achieve. Our process includes the following:

  • Contact us to book a time to meet with you on site.
  • On site we will discuss the breadth of the project and which of our services are required.
  • We will then provide you with a detailed quote.


    A flow of communication that can only be achieved through years of practised attention and proven delivery. As a result, our teams move on and off site with choreographed precision.


    Closing in on two decades of experience brings with it the beauty of hindsight.


    Because of our love for the process of transformation, your dream is our goal post and we don’t take our eyes off it, even for a second.